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My Fila Skeletoes Review/Opinion

Fila Skeletoes Review

Ok, so in case anyone is wondering, a few months ago, I told my wife, when the marathon was over, I think I wanted to give Minimalist Running a shot. For those that aren’t sure/don’t know what Minimalist Running/”Barefoot” Running is, Click Here. My reasons were twofold: I knew I would need a new challenge once the Marathon was over, and I wanted to run with fewer injuries (duh).

So a couple of weeks ago, I was in my local Sport’s store when I saw a display for Fila Skeletoes, and walked over. At first glance, they resemble the Vibrams, but two key points stick out, upon further glance: 1) the last two toes slide into one large slot & 2) The Price. Vibrams run around the $99 and more. These are $59.99…and they have children sizes as well!

Now, the first thing I want to say is I don’t own Vibrams and haven’t worn them, so this won’t be a comparison review at all; this is just my impression of them.

I am someone who NEVER wears flip flops (seriously, my wife l…

Kentucky Derby Marathon Write-Up

So surprisingly, I slept through the night, Friday night. When the alarm went off, Saturday morning, I felt very rested and ready….Ready because I was on the verge of fulfilling a dream, and had put in the training.

I grabbed my Superman shirt which I had the girls put there handprints in paint on, my Mile Dedication List that a dear friend of mine had made for me, my Power Balance Band, my Garmin, and put those one, and finished getting dressed.

Damary and I knew that her and the girls weren’t going to be able to see me start, it was easier if they dropped me off, then she would go home with the girls (Lord knows they would have MORE than enough time to have a normal day before coming back to see me finish). As we pulled up and Damary was pinning my number on, one of my Daily Mile and Facebook friends, Wendy Bell, yells, “Hey Superman!” and introduced herself to me and Damary, which was nice to immediately see a friendly face. I then made my way, with all of the other runners to the St…