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Where I've Been The Past Week....

Hello Everyone,

Some of you may have noticed and some of you may not have, but I haven't been online, whether here, Facebook, Twitter, or Daily Mile (I have spent some time on Google+, I must admit). And that was by design...I needed some time to think to myself.

Last week I happened to look at the palm of my hands and notice quite a number of dark brown spots on my palm. I know my hands and knew that these were new. Which I was suddenly seized with an uncomfortable feeling: The Unknown. I emailed Damary, who helped me find a dermatologist and I called and they booked me for a week later (today), which if anyone who has been a new patient knows being seen this soon is both a blessing and usually a sign of urgency by the Doctor's office.

Now mind you, a couple of weeks prior, I had started feeling crummy. So much so, I had told Damary if I kept feeling this way, I was willingly calling the doc to set up an appointment.

So I went in today, having made the mistake of searching sympt…

Buffalo Chase 5K

Well this was another first for first weekday race...and on a Monday, at that! This was on 4th of July, and it was an overall great experience. We arrived about 30 minutes before and the volunteers were EXTREMELY helpful and super organized.

I kissed Damary and the girls (including my wife's belly, where Adrianna is) goodbye and told them I would see them later. I went to the starting line, and recognized a familiar face Mark from DailyMile was there.I introduced myself to him and met his wonderful wife as well! This guy's positive attitude is a palpable force!! Great guy!!

So we lined up, and the air horn went off, and away I went. This was my first race in my Fila Skeletoes (minimalist shoes) so I was curious to see how it would go. I will admit one thing, that I couldn't put my finger on, and for some reason, I didn't have my normal "Race Turbo" feeling, and never did. But off I went...

Oh, because this was a small race(less than 1000), there wasn…