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I need to hear from Mom's and Dad's!!!

So I know it’s been a while since I blogged, and I apologize. It’s been a fast moving past couple of weeks.

So I have random things on my mind (who doesn’t??) that I want to get out over the next few blogs. Today’s topic is health and my confusion over mine.

So I went to go and donate plasma this past Saturday, and Sunday diastolic (bottom number) blood pressure was high. My reading was 148 over 113. I got home and started doing research. High systolic (the top number) or both numbers being high is more normal. The top number is your heart pumping blood out to your body; it is basically how hard it has to work to sustain you, as a person. So if you have high cholesterol, blocked arteries, high sodium intake, stress, etc, this is where it is showing up. Like if you have a car, and you run it place to place, but never do an oil change, it will run hot.

But diastolic is your heart at rest. Like having the same car sitting in your garage, not running. Research, after research I have done, n…

Independence Weekend..or how to survive your own personal Revolution

So summer is in full effect and a holiday weekend is upon us. Fireworks and grills will be firing up all over these wonderful 50 states.

So I look forward to the new month that is upon us. It was a VERY rough June for me (just one of those down sides was losing my Gram), that even saw me really sick last week (ask my family the last time they saw me that sick. Hell, I think that was the first fever I’ve had in like 5 years).

So I am VERY excited over the prospect of July. I woke up today, did my EA Active workout, weighted myself, and I had lost another 5 pounds over the last week. I am almost under 240, and have NO clue when I was down this much. Maybe when Damary and I got married. Other than the obvious holiday (or excuse for us Dads to play with fire and gunpowder), but Damary and I have big plans over the next couple of weekends. Our first cookout, and a family trip planned, which we are sure the girls will simply LOVE!! Don’t worry; I’ll have more details when it gets here.

So as…