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Superman is Kryptonite Down

Hey True Believers,

So yes I am in a boot and crutches. While running the Kentucky Derby Festival Marathon this past April, somewhere around Mile 18, I knew I had hurt my foot. I made a strong mental note because I knew at some point my doctor would ask when I did it. It was nothing serious, but as a Runner or and Athlete, you know your body very well, and I knew this would plague me later.

   So since then, I have run on it, 4 - 5 runs a week, averaging 25-30 miles a week. I ice it (via Arctic Ease) when it got really bad. Well a little over a week ago, the pain got too bad and I finally went to the same doctor I went to when I got injured a couple of years ago. He still remembered me, and the first question he asked me is "So, how long ago did you do this?" I replied, "What makes you think I didn't injure it like last week?"; he then says, "Because I remember you, and I know how you think?" We both laughed because he was right. So I told him and he to…