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LSC Half Marathon Race Recap and some EXCITING NEWS about Our Growing Family!

Hello True Believers!

     I am sorry it has taken me so long to get this video recap of my last race, the Louisville Sports Commission Half Marathon I ran on 11/10/2013, which wrapped up my 3 races in 3 1/2 weeks (my 3rd Full Marathon on 10/20; 3rd Half Marathon on 10/26; and then this race on 11/10). I also talk about some VERY exciting news regarding our expanding family! Enjoy and THANK YOU for staying around.

Here is a comparison of when I ran this race two years ago, both weight and time, and when I ran it this year.

     Here is the video from when we told our daughters if they were having a baby brother or baby sister (please watch the above video first!!)

      So I can truly say that this set of races I set out to do months ago has left me feeling better about myself in general. I did this because I wanted to push myself with the training, and to see how my body would handle the grind as well as the "get up" of each race, with my new set of goals. These are my f…

2013 Big Hit Half Marathon Recap

Hello True Believers!!

      Here is my video recap of the 2013 Big Hit Half Marathon. Also I have included the Flip Video that my incredible wife took and some pictures. Including the comparison of Finisher's Certificate of the first time I ran this race in 2011 and this year, as well as a weight loss comparison picture of two years ago and last week. I hope you all enjoy, and THANK YOU for visiting my blog! Much Love, Stay Good, y'all!

Me and the Pace Group Leader...he even gave the purple balloon (Pace Time) to my Youngest Daughter because I talked about my family so much and how everything I do, I do it all for them!
My Finisher's Certificate from when I did the race in 2011 and when I did it last week. Me, when I ran the race in 2011, and me last week. Weight loss success! The video my wife took of me finishing! A Link to my VERY inspirational friend's Blog: Melissa, a.k.a. Super Woman! Please go check it out!! -Until …

My review of the Louisville Dream Factory Marathon!!

Hello True Believers!

    Well I just turned 41 on October 17th, and this past Sunday (10/20/2103), I completed my 3rd Full Marathon! Which is nice, because this Saturday, I will be running my 3rd Half Marathon, and two weeks after that, I will be doing my 4th Half Marathon.  That being said, below is my video recap of an AMAZING day!

      Here is the pic I am talking about where I am at mile 25.2 and I was talking to myself, just saying my mantra over and over, "My Time, My Shine!"

-Until The Wheels Fall Off - Corey (3 Days removed from my 3rd Marathon, 3 days until my 3rd Half Marathon)

Q Hybrid Nutrition & Fitness website has FINALLY launched!

Hello True Beleivers!

   Well it has launched! I have finally launched my Personal Trainer/Nutritionist/Motivation Coach website! When you get a chance, please stop by and see it! Also, feel free to leave a comment on there as well!

Q Hybrid Nutrition & Fitness Facebook: Twitter: -Until The Wheels Fall Off -Coach Corey!

The Side of Weight Loss that No One Ever Talks About.

Hello True Believers,

  Here is my video blog discussing the side of weight loss that no one ever talks about but is vital so we don't yo-yo in our weight. It is the adjustment in the way we see our new selves as well as changing our relationship with food to incorporate maintaining the weight loss as a permanent part of the new us. Enjoy!

Me transformation, thus far...even now, I am down to 206...only 6 more pounds until I hit my final, long term goal!
Me taking advantage of some very un-Louisville, KY (highs in the 80's! Usually we're around 110-120 with the heat index) weather last week and working out on the back deck. -Until the Wheels Fall Off -Corey

My Louisville Waterfront Challenge Race Video Recap

Hello True Believers!

    Because I wanted to try something different, here is my race recap, via video. Below are some pictures of the day :)

Me, pre-race at home, before heading out!

Going up the Water Slide
It was so long, I couldn't even get it all in one shot!
The Finish Line
Me and of the most kindhearted people you will EVER meet! This has become our Waterfront Challenge traditional pre-race handshake!
Me and Allison's Husband Daniel....standing next to him I was reminded I need to hit the gym HARDER! :) Me with my new Bling! -Until The Wheels Fall Off -Corey

My Weight Loss Journey...I need to learn to be proud of myself!

Hello True Believers!
So I have been working on a LOT since last I wrote. My weight loss journey has exceeded what I thought I was capable of. Also, I am on verge of completing my Personal Trainer Certification, and I still maintain my 3.96 GPA at Kaplan as I pursue my Bachelor of Science in Nutrition Health. My ultimate goal is to be a Certified Personal Trainer who is also a Registered Dietitian. I want to be someone who can help others with more than just working out, but making a complete lifestyle change and bring motivation to them.
So New Year’s Eve 2012, I was fed up. I hated that people called me “Big Guy”, or “Big Man” I knew I was better than my almost 260 pounds frame. I also knew if my future as a registered dietitian and Personal Trainer would have a hope of being successful, I needed to lose weight and appear healthy to potential clients. In one of my classes, I came across a wonderful phone app, My Fitness Pal. In the week we used it for a project, I lost 5 pounds. Not f…

The Kentucky Derby told by my wife who ran her first Half Marathon!!

Hello True-Believers!

     Here it is everyone! My wonderful wife, Damary, ran her FIRST Half-Marathon, this past Saturday! I didn't think I would be able to describe her first Half-Marathon, any better than her! So here is here write up and I would just like to Thank her for this and let her know how INCREDIBLY proud of her I am!

Hi Everyone…        I am not great with words…but since I was flying solo on this race…Corey can’t do the write up for me. J        So here goes….        I didn’t get excited for the Derby Half until I got the email with my bib number, than I was feeling the excitement, nervousness and anxiety that comes with a person’s first Half Marathon!       Packet Pick up was a little crazy…super full but did get the cool fuel built I’m wearing and learned about some new races we may be doing. Downside, they had run out of XL shirts so I ended up wit…

The Papa John's 10 Miler Write Up!

Hello True Believers,
I had been ready to do the write-up for Damary and the Papa John’s 10 Miler, but then the tragedy in Boston happened, and considering I went to college and lived in Boston, it was a lot to take in. I also didn’t want to not finish what I had started in describing running the Louisville Triple Crown of Running for the first time with my wife.
So race morning came and we had our routine down now. We headed out to Papa John’s Cardinal Stadium and got our parking and took our time heading to the bathroom and getting our place at the Starting Line. Along the way, my rockstar wife ran into some friends and we all talked to each other, not acknowledging and pre-race jitters we were all feeling. Then, just like that it was time to start. This course and race would not only prove to be Damary’s longest road race, but it is EASILY the hardest terrain she would be facing (i.e. elevation, hills, etc.). I told her this to help her understand when she handles this race; she shou…

Rodes 10K Write Up

Hello True Believers!
Sorry this write up is a little late, but it has been a busy past two weeks. And tomorrow starts Race Week for the last leg of the Louisville Triple Crown of Running: The Papa John’s 10 Miler! I am still so excited for Damary and her training and perseverance. Yesterday she had her longest run, BY HERSELF! She went outside and knocked off her own little 10K! The first thing I could tell was that she is gaining confidence in herself. She not only had her fastest overall run, she know REALLY believes that she can do the Derby Half Marathon. Which I have known since Day One of her training.
Well Rodes 10K Race Morning, we were running a little behind and got to the start line, just as the Pace Car was starting. So we jumped in and crossed the Start Line and headed out. We had discussed a plan/strategy for Rodes 10K. As her Coach I offered that we run half a mile and then walk half a mile for at least half the race, and then, depending on how she felt, we would increas…

Anthem 5K Write-Up a.k.a. How AWESOME is my Wife??

Hello True Believers!
This is my report from yesterday’s Anthem 5K which is the start of the LouisvilleTriple Crown of Running which leads into the Kentucky Derby Festival Mini (Half) and Full Marathon. This was Damary’s first trained for 5K, and she has been training to run her first Half marathon at the previously mentioned Derby. I am so excited and proud of her. I am her coach/trainer/motivator along this training course. I will say that Damary makes it RIDICULOUSLY easy to be those titles, because she is motivated. Instead of getting up by myself at 3:30AM, we now get up together, and the “Fam-Cave” turns into the “Sweat Cave” as the XBox gets fired up for Nike+ Kinect (which I recommend ANYONE who wants to workout and has an XBox, RUN and pick this up. Of all of the exercise Kinect games, this one is the BEST by far!), and the treadmill (I call it Barry, as in Barry Allen, a.k.a. The Flash, and Damary calls it Themyscira, as in the birthplace of Wonder Woman!).
Ok, back to the sub…

Weight Loss, Training, and Life Getting Better!

Well Hello True Believers! I hope all is well with you all! It has been a crazy time around here! I am Trainer/Coach/Motivator my beautiful wife as she is training for her first Half Marathon! I am so excited and proud of her, it isn't even funny. In the past almost 3 years that I have been a runner, she and our daughters have braved all sorts of weather to be there to cheer me on at every single Finish Line. I am honored that I can return the favor! We'll be doing the Louisville Triple Crown together (Anthem 5K, Rodes, 10K, and Papa John's 10 Miler) together, so I can pace her, and keep her focused on race mornings. I am so excited for this.                Speaking of excited and proud, she decided a couple of months ago that she would adopt a fitness and nutrition lifestyle change. Since then, she has dropped over 30 pounds and is stealing my workout clothes!! ;)                Since then, we've both been losing weight. Below is a picture of us from D…

Depression Through the Eyes of an Optimist

Hello True Believers, If you have known me for a significant amount of time, you know that I suffer from depression. I use present tense, because no one is ever actually cured of depression, you just learn to live/cope/deal/handle it. You learn how to not let it control you. The bigger adjustment knows, also in comparison to a tidal wave, there are times all you can do is hope to float and ride the crest of the wave out, hoping not to take in too much water. Knowing the victory is in the fact you didn’t give in to the abyss, or the abyss didn’t drown you. I am going through one of those “Abyss stare downs” now. Not sure why, and I am careful not to fall into THAT trap of driving myself to the brink of insanity trying to figure out the WHY. That is about as useful, and equally frustrating, as a drawer full of knives when I just poured myself a bowl of cereal. Instead, I am trying to look outside myself. A trick I learned a few years ago. Instead of getting sucked…

Running, Life, and Surgeries

Hello Everyone,

     It has been a while since I have written, because it feels like I have had so much on my mind and heart, I didn't really know where to start. Well after yesterday 3 surgeries, I have 2 weeks of non exercise time, so I have things I want to get off my chest.

     Now first off, many of you who follow me on twitter or Facebook  might be wondering why I never mentioned I was going to have surgery until the day before. Well that is simple...and I am not trying to be harsh, but I am daily surrounded by people who complain about situations they put themselves in, or always have a new crisis every couple of days. So, I never wanted conversations to turn into "Can you top this" sort of thing. Also, and not being judgmental  just being honest, people sort of expect me to help solve their one really ever ask me about mine, or if I even have them.

      Well, due to unforeseen circumstances, I was not able to do the Goofy Challenge at Disney World…