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My Happy Home

Often people tell me how lucky I am to have Damary, or they tell Damary how lucky she is to have me. We both kind of laugh off those comments, because luck only played apart in our introduction (sometimes we think it was fate, but how we met is for another time lol). The rest, once we met, dated, courted, and married has been due to our hard work at making our marriage work.

SAME VISION: I think the initial reason our marriage works over all (yes, like anyone, we have rough patches) is because we both want to be with each other. If only one person feels that way, it’s like being in a two person kayak and one person not paddling…you just go in a circle and never get anywhere. We both know, at the end of the day, the only place we belong is in our bed with each other.

LAUGH, LAUGH AND KEEP LAUGHING: One of the coolest things about Damary and I, and any successful couple I know is the ability to laugh together, and sometimes at each other. There are times, when we lay down in bed to go to …

The Sleep Center Follow Up

Hey Everyone,

So today was my Sleep Study Follow Up, and funny thing was I thougt I would walk in and he say I was fine, or maybe at most I had some minor snoring problems. I am not really used to getting any answers. I've had migraines forever, I never had restful sleep, I had a minor heart attack a year and a half ago, I have high blood pressure, but no one knows why and above all I have never had answers....until today.

The doctor told me that my body, basically wakes itself 10 times an hour, yeah so every 6 minutes. Plus, I have obstructed sleep apnea (I completely stop breathing) 13 times a night, and have severe constricted apnea (partial to mostly) 10 an additional 10 times a night. My O2 levels drop to 86%.

Normally he would just advise a patient to lose weight, and set a plan, and then follow up in a year or two years, but he doesn't think I have that long (sobering moment that hit me hard...I thought of leaving Damary, or the Super Princesses, and my heart broke)…

Looking At Things On The Other Side Of The Same Coin

I was staring at pictures of my family (as I always do), and instead of smiling at the smiles of my Super Princesses, I was hypnotized at my wife’s face. I have always thought, and tell her every chance I get, how beautiful she is, and how sexy I find her. But something different came over me. I looked at her face in the many pictures. The closest word is appreciation, but that is like saying the sun is kind of bright.

I look at my daughters, and looking past their infectious smiles, I see something else. I see well done hair styles, pretty dresses, wonderfully put together outfits, painted fingernails, toenails. I see the look they have when they are next to Damary. They love their Mami so much. And they should, she is wonderful. Yes, Damary loses her patience with the girls, but what Mom doesn’t?? The reason the girls look so put together on the outside, and are so full of love, silliness and hugs on the inside, is because of Damary’s Motherhood.

I know plenty of moms who look at thei…