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The Kentucky Derby told by my wife who ran her first Half Marathon!!

Hello True-Believers!

     Here it is everyone! My wonderful wife, Damary, ran her FIRST Half-Marathon, this past Saturday! I didn't think I would be able to describe her first Half-Marathon, any better than her! So here is here write up and I would just like to Thank her for this and let her know how INCREDIBLY proud of her I am!

Hi Everyone…        I am not great with words…but since I was flying solo on this race…Corey can’t do the write up for me. J        So here goes….        I didn’t get excited for the Derby Half until I got the email with my bib number, than I was feeling the excitement, nervousness and anxiety that comes with a person’s first Half Marathon!       Packet Pick up was a little crazy…super full but did get the cool fuel built I’m wearing and learned about some new races we may be doing. Downside, they had run out of XL shirts so I ended up wit…