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Huh, Who Knew? You CAN Teach A (not so) Old Dog, New Tricks!

As you may have read on either my previous blogs or Facebook, or Twitter pages, parenting is tied with the most important definition of who I am (the other would be, Damary’s Husband). So I am always on the lookout on how to be a better parent. Reading any publications I can get my hands on, listening to other parents, etc. All the while, just taking bits and pieces for what I know would not only work on the girls, it would help our relationship, and them in the future.

So I was listening to a morning radio show the other day, and they had someone on the phone (completely missed the name), and he was talking about one of the things all us parents tend to do. We, in the haste of the day, tend to pass along our anxieties and stresses to our children, simply in our actions. One of the things that was talked about is he said, if you have a child who never cleans their room, and you are on them about it everyday, all of the time, odds are they will NEVER clean their room. And no, it isn’t b…

Every Captain Ahab MUST have their Moby Dick

So as I think I have finally found the “secret” (ok, not really a secret or short cut. Just something that works for me, finally) to getting back, and staying, in shape. This prompted my mind to wander this morning, somewhere between the 20th or 25th leg lift (or was it the 30th squat?? Oh well, I digress….can you tell today’s workout was legs?? LOL) about how does one stay motivated? Not only in beginning a new workout regimen, but as an active, positive parent, and as a spouse?

I’ve often heard that any habit, good or bad, takes 30 days to develop and your body and mind to be used to it. If you exercise regularly, stop for a month and try and restart. Easier to get blood from a stone. On the flipside, if you are looking to begin a workout lifestyle, stick to your routine for at 30 days. Without even noticing, you will find it as much of your life as brushing your teeth or showering; something you simply do, but could not do without.

But as parents, how do we stay motivated? I mean, le…