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Happiness, pass it on!!

I have got to get better about posting these…

Hey World!!

So last Saturday, the girls started Cheerleader Classes. At first, they were shy and scared to go in and do it. Once Damary (being the Mom that she is) calmed them down, they completely forgot about being scared (aren’t children wonderful for life lessons!!!). They tumbled and jumped their little hearts out. The instructor asked us if Ayanna had ever had classes before and we told her no. She said Ayanna is REALLY good and a natural. I think Annabelle was the youngest in the class (they are in the same beginner’s class), and she did well too.

Ayanna took to doing the tumbling part like a fish in water. She only had to be shown once how to do them (and there were front and reverse tumbles) and she was gone. Every once and a while, the girls would look through the glass and wave to Damary and I. I kept rubbing Damary’s back as I welled up with so much pride, and excitement for them.

More exciting news is that Damary has gone back …

A Celebration of Manhood, My Daughter turning 3, and Heart working hard!!

A Celebration of Manhood, My Daughter turning 3, and Heart working hard!!

This morning while I was in the shower, I was listening to The Steve Harvey Morning Show on I Heart Radio app through my phone and every show starts with some uplifting moments for you to take throughout your day. This morning topic was “Congratulations On Being A Man”. He talked about the REAL Men who are good Fathers to ALL of their children; providers, by more than just money, to their wives or girlfriends. The Men who refuse to accept negativity around them. The Men who want better for their children. The Men who want to be leaders and heads of their household. The Men who know how to be sensitive.

He then went on to talk about how if you can’t wake up everyday and be thankful for where you are in life, then you are just wasting your life, which is God’s greatest gift. Even if you are in jail, please believe that whatever got you there could have ended your life. He spoke of having a responsibility…