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Beginning of October, Beginning of the Fun Times of the Year in the Queen Household

So today marks the last day of September. And tomorrow begins October, and then the celebrations are in full swing around our house. Already, we have celebrated Annabelle turning 3 (God bless her) in August, and mine and my wife’s anniversary in September (I even remember the time of our first kiss as Husband and Wife), now in the next 5 months things get fun and time seems to pass quick. October: Ayanna turns 5; I have a birthday too in there lol; Halloween (“Great Pumpkin Patch” on DVD gets dusted off!!). November: Thanksgiving (I make a MEAN bird…haven’t decided how I’m cooking it this year. Last 2 years I smoked it, and it was DAMN good). December: Christmas, New Year’s Eve. January, New Years, My wife’s birthday (SHE’LL BE 30!!!). February: Valentine’s Day (yes, this time of year, because time tends to fly, I have already obtained my wife’s Valentine’s Gift. If not, I’ll look up and find myself like those poor miserable guys wandering around like zombies, days before V-Day). So y…

This is where I should be typing something cute....I got nothing


Ok, I’m giving my self the rest of the day to complain/be negative. And this is the easiest, quickest way to get it out of my system.

So since this whole high diastolic blood pressure number which no one can REALLY explain why my heart, at rest, is working so hard; another side condition has happened. I started seeing a small pinhole blind spot in my vision (if I am looking straight ahead, it is upper right side), and a curve flash of light on my left side (like half of a parenthesis). And it is only in my left eye, and it is constantly moving with the normal movement of my eye. It has been driving me nuts (more annoying than anything). So last appointment, my PCP set me up with an appointment at the Eye Care Institute to go and have them check me out.

So that was yesterday, and I fully expected to go in and they poke and prod around my eyes and then tell me this is some temporary condition that will heal itself….or here are some drops, use these for a week, and you’ll be fine. Of …

It isn't pretty, but it is how I feel

So sometimes I wonder, as a man, as a husband, as a father, do we get the love and support we should? No, I am not trying to start any fights (especially in my own house), but in general, if you are a woman reading this, is there a lot that you put on your lover, boyfriend, husband’s plate, and he does such a good job at balancing it, and you, you just have come to expect him to “dance upon command”?

I hear/read a LOT of women say there are no good men (that is a blog I will cover next time….I have theories about that, that need to come out), but what about the men that ARE good? The Aaron’s, Tito’s, Seamus’s, Brian’s, Namon’s, Damon’s, Carl’s (just to name a few). The guys, who regardless of their past, or how they got here, are doing a damn good job. Yes they are married, or in committed relationships, but let’s examine what happens when a women gets said “good man”.

When a woman opens up her heart to a man, it is magical, no other way to say it, nor do I take it lightly. But there …

My First REAL Dad Dilemma....Please Help!!!

Hey Everyone,

So this morning, I stayed home with Ayanna because she was sick (turns out she has an ear infection). Well, I took her to the doctors, and since she is getting bigger (and it is like 3 miles away) I let her ride in the front seat. Well, when we get to the doctor's, I went over to open her door. After the doctor's appointment, we were waking to the car and I went to open her door. Then Ayanna, looks at me and says, "Papi, why do you always open the door for me, Annabelle, and Mami?". I then said, "Because I love you all and that is what a Papi should do." She takes less than a microsecond to comeback and say to me, "But you always tell me and Annabelle that we are big girls, and Mami is a big girl, and how we can do whatever we want and not ever give up trying. Well, then we can open our own doors, right??"

My mouth came open, but nothing came out. How am I supposed to explain to my wonderfully bright 4 year old the fine balance…