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Doctor's Results Visit Today

So yesterday I got a call from my doctor's office with my bloodwork results from last week. I, again thinking optimistically, waited for them to tell me that the results are fine. Well, after a pause that felt like a leap year, she tells me that the doctor wants to see me ti discuss it and can I come in tomorrow first thing. Yay me

So this morning, I went to the doctor's...and he wants to do more blood work next week because my Myoglobin is "highly elevated"'s supposed to be somewhere around 120-140...mine is 259....see, I'm always an overachiever (lame attempt at humor).

Good News is that the culprit maybe my whey protein powder I use as a recovery for my endurance runs. Which after the next set of blood work, (I haven't used it in about 3 weeks, just no time, been a bit busy), my Myoglobin should have dropped.

Bad News is IF it isn't the whey (doc thinks since it's been so long, it should be out of my system, but we're covering all bas…