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Anthem 5K Wrap-Up

So yesterday was the First Leg of the Louisville Triple Crown, the Anthem 5K. This was the biggest race I have ever been in (over 10,000 entrants), and it meant the climb leading right into my first marathon in April. My last 5K race was the Run, Run, Rudolph 5K, the day after Thanksgiving, and the race time was 40:05. That was 3 months ago. Last week, I did a 5K in a little over 36 minutes and felt strong afterwards. So going into yesterday, I REALLY felt like I could set a PR in the race. I knew I could do it faster that 40 minutes, and was hoping for 36 minutes. I was armed with my Garmin and smiles and kisses from my wife and daughters.

It took me about 8 minutes to get to the starting line, because of the mass of people. I will say, in a huge race, other runners are quite friendly and nice. I have done smaller races and people would just as soon step on you, than talk to you. So once I reached the Starting Line, I hit Start on the Garmin and was off. I do know, the ONE thing I wa…

Sometimes I forget the Finish Line is not the time to enjoy the Race

So on Daily Mile (for those of you not on Daily Mile, think Facebook for active people, no Farmville, or Mafia Wars either, lol), I have been nominated for the 2011 Team Daily Mile, and I submitted my video application. Now I will say this, I have since seen the other candidate’s videos and WOW! They are AWESOME!

Anyway, my point is, taking the moment to do my video submission had me doing something I rarely do, and that is thinking about the moment, not planning for tomorrow, or the next big thing.

This month I have the first leg of the Louisville Triple Crown, with the next 2 legs, being in March. In April, I will celebrate my one year as a runner, doing my first marathon. In June, I will be doing the Warrior Dash. In August, I will celebrate my oldest daughter (Super Princess) starting 1st Grade, and my (at that time, because Q will be born), middle daughter (Super Rockstar) starting Kindergarten, and I will be celebrating the birth of Q!

So for a moment, instead of visualizing the fi…